Google Ads® for Dentists

Get instant exposure at the top of Google search results.

With Deploy Dental’s industry-leading pay per click (PPC) campaigns, your advertisements appear in premium positions atop Google search results pages.

Patients who click your ads are served a custom landing page that allows us to track activity and record phone calls.

Don’t choose a pay per click company with a “one size fits all” approach. They don’t have the experience or insights required for a complex, specialized field such as dentistry. Instead, choose Deploy Dental for our extensive knowledge of dental-specific Google Advertising. We have a deeper understanding of how patients search for dentists online, and we leverage this to the benefit of our client’s ROI.

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Budget Under Management

Ethical Industry Approach

When it comes to Google Ads, Deploy Dental is different. We offer our clients a transparent, ethical approach that treats your Ad dollars as if they were our own.

How do our industry differentiators impact your bottom line?

We charge a small monthly management fee, whereas most competitors charge a percentage of your ad budget. Our simple fee-for-service model eliminates the conflict of interest that might influence others to increase your ad budget unnecessarily.

Deploy Dental’s method also protects you from deceptive practices that are hard to detect. Including too many zip codes outside your target market is a common practice that costs dentists more money with less return. Routinely, we also see campaigns that overutilize general keywords—attracting short tail, broad searches that offer a lower ROI.

These unfair industry business practices can cost a traditional dental practice thousands of dollars per year!

Keyword Selection

A detailed analysis of keyword phrases is essential to identify and target your prospective patients. When discussing types of offers you’d like to promote, we listen to your needs and goals to determine what procedures or services make your practice unique. From this information, we create a sound keyword bundle designed to succeed in your market and get ahead of the competition.

Distribution Choices

With Deploy Dental, your practice can utilize the most popular advertising networks available. We serve your ads over the largest search engines and/or social media sites, with targeted, premium ad placement on Google, Yahoo, Bing, Facebook or LinkedIn.

Advertisement Creation

In pay per click advertising, you have limited space to convey your message. Therefore, it’s extremely important to be concise, using phrasing that inspires clicks.

Choose Deploy Dental, and let our institutional knowledge benefit you! We’ve done the hard work by studying the trends and outcomes of dental advertising, so you can utilize the strategies and ad language that have proven effective.

Then, as we continue to monitor your campaign, we further optimize advertisements to improve clickthrough rates and conversions. We accomplish this by leveraging A/B split testing (also known as multivariate testing) to run multiple versions to test for improvement.
Our ad protocol is similar to the Japanese principle of Kaizen, a process used for continual improvement. In this way, your advertisement’s efficiency and outcomes continue to increase over the campaign lifecycle.

kaizen noun

a Japanese business philosophy of continuous improvement of working practices, personal efficiency, etc.

Advertisement Targeting

With any form of advertising, identifying the target audience is essential. With Deploy Dental, controlling who your ads actually reach is a huge advantage of Google Ads.

Based on your practice goals, we target your ads by geography/city/town, proximity to your office, or spanning over a more comprehensive service area. Then, we select demographics to match your ads/offers. This sort of targeting is key to a robust & efficient campaign!


Deploy can target or exclude potential customer locations using:

  • A radius around a point
  • Specific ZIP codes
  • Countries, states, counties, cities, territories, regions, or neighborhoods.
  • Congressional districts
  • Nielsen® DMA® regions


Deploy can target or exclude potential customers using the following demographic indicators:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Household income
  • Combinations
  • Device type (desktop, tablet & mobile)

Landing Pages

After a click happens, the work is by no means finished. You need a destination page that speaks to the intent of your ad and convinces patients to contact your practice.

Deploy Dental landing pages are professionally designed to match your website and branding, They include all the custom content needed to inform about your targeted services or offers, yet differ from your regular website in several important ways.

Generally, they are a single page that’s limited to the topic at hand, keeping visitors focused on the objective… contacting your practice! Landing pages also feature a unique tracking phone number to record phone calls and measure your campaign results.

Deploy Dental’s expertise lies in landing pages that create higher visitor clickthrough conversions. leading to more new patients.

Speed Tested

Enhance the landing page experience with lightning-fast load times.

Slow web pages that take forever to load can be a major obstacle for potential patients. So don’t give your paid traffic any reason to leave, especially before you’ve had a chance to convey your message!

Deploy Dental PPC campaigns are built with speed and the user experience in mind. We speed-test each landing page to ensure load times are quick, with all vital functions operating at peak performance.

How do we do that? It’s all about understanding and adhering to industry standards and recommended best practices. Doing all the “little things” may take some extra work initially, but in the end, it increases campaign efficiency and prevents annoyance to your users.
So, make sure your landing pages are accessible and as easy-to-use as possible, contact us today!

Bid Optimization

Deploy Dental takes a proactive approach to reduce inefficiencies and continually improve the performance of pay per click campaigns. A common industry mistake that dentists make is setting up a Google Ads account without monitoring. This leads to overspending.

Letting a campaign “coast on autopilot” is never a good idea. Choose a marketing agency that provides the appropriate updates and oversight.

Deploy Dental recognizes trends in historical statistics and analytics to adjust and optimize your bids. Then, we create new sound keyword and ad predictions based on our extensive industry knowledge.

Once we have data to measure against our projections, we repeat the process to continually optimize your ad performance!

Ongoing Optimization

Deploy Dental’s pay per click experts take advantage of seasonal trends by monitoring keyword volume and making the appropriate adjustments. This results in your ads reaching the greatest number of people at the lowest possible price!

We constantly make revisions and modifications to improve your campaign’s conversions. If we ever determine that your landing pages, keyword(s), or targeted niche is underperforming, we’ll work with you to retarget and ensure your campaign’s success!

Reporting & Analysis

There are several key industry differentiators for marketing agencies. Perhaps the most important aspect of any Google Ads campaign is the ability to accurately measure results. Be sure to choose a partner that treats your Ad budget as if it were their money, Select a company that is not “asleep at the wheel.”.

With Deploy Dental, you can relax as we continue to monitor and optimize your Campaigns. We send your practice a detailed report each month that provides a complete summary of your campaign’s performance. It includes factors such as visitor trends, clicks, impressions, and individual recordings of your tracked phone calls. These benchmarks help measure the success of your pay per click campaign, as well as help your team evaluate and improve patient interactions.

And of course, with our unique and accessible customer service, our pay per click experts are available to help interpret your data and answer questions.