Local SEO for Dentists!

Search engine optimization for dental practices.

Deploy Dental’s Search engine optimization (SEO) increases the visibility of your website to potential new patients!

Consider this analogy:

Your practice website is like a retail store, traffic is key to increasing clients and revenue.

You can have the nicest-looking storefront window in your community, but if it’s located in a dark alleyway, your business won’t be found. Instead, a store window on the busiest street in town (even an average looking one) will always have more shoppers! Enjoying the best of both worlds is your conversion sweet spot.

That’s what SEO does for your practice; it increases visibility to prospective new patients.
How It Works: Everyday, people use search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, and DuckDuckGo to look for dentists and dental-related services. The more content and keywords on your site that are relevant to their search, the higher your website appears within search results.

How it works:

Everyday, people use search engines like Google and Bing to look for dentists and dental-related services. The more content and keywords on your site that are relevant to their search, the higher your website appears within search results.

What’s Included?

  • Consultation & analysis of current performance
  • Review of site architecture
  • On-page optimization (embedded, behind the scenes)
  • Content optimization
  • Weekly blog posts
  • Directory listings verification & management (add-on)

Benefits of SEO

Brand image

  • Control what’s being shown to your current and prospective patients
  • Build brand equity and awareness of your competitive advantages and distinctive competencies in relation to your competition
  • Create a more relevant, efficient user experience
  • Keep your website fresh and relevant in the eyes of your patients and search engines
  • Grow your trust & credibility (as well as market share in your community) with a large collection of targeted dental content.
  • Attract and retain more ideal team, associates and eventual buyer for your practice when ready
  • Ensures that your practice is located by search engines through regular and organic search at the moment when individuals are most in need and seeking care

New patients

  • Add revenue to your practice by attracting quality, targeted traffic
  • Get found for the relevant searches that drive conversions
  • Increase conversions for your most valuable services
  • Lowers the cost of new patient lead generation
  • Provide ongoing education to create better-informed patients

Affordable, long term strategy

  • Get an edge over your competition (they’re not waiting!)
  • Keep pace and effectively compete with bigger corporate dentistry
  • Craft 24/7 promotion through effective website content that works even when you’re not
  • A big company “DSO” marketing plan for solo and group practitioners
  • Creates a synergy to all of your practice’s marketing activities and goals
  • Improve your ranking through impactful mobile-friendliness addressing the ever-changing art and science to Google’s new algorithms
  • Increase case presentation conversion rates
  • Advises spouses and decision-makers who are researching treatment and second opinions

Site Architecture

Your current website might have everything it needs visually, but the layout and structure may still negatively impact how it’s ranked and graded by search engines.

Pages must be grouped by relevant topics, usually according to the services offered at your practice. This may involve the addition of entirely new pages with corresponding new content, or making other recommended changes to improve search engine visibility.

For optimal performance, rely on Deploy Dental SEO to review the hierarchy and structure of your website.

Content Optimization

Even large websites with vast amounts of written content can perform poorly in search results. Why? Either because they aren’t properly targeted with necessary keywords, or they don’t include the “behind the scenes” formatting that search engines seek and value.

With Deploy Dental SEO, you get all the dental-specific content your website needs, plus optimization of your existing content!

Weekly Blog Posts

Informative and engaging blog posts can impact your practice in two strategic areas. The additional content increases your website’s search engine visibility and creates a valuable tool for patient education & conversion of treatment case presentations. (This is especially true when spousal approval is needed after the fact.)

To fully utilize these opportunities, we install a blog on your website using the open-source WordPress® framework. Then, we publish well crafted, dental-specific articles to continually increase your website content.

With weekly blog posts (4 per month), your website becomes highly relevant for many dental-related searches made in your location. For patients using longer keyword phrases in their search (an ever-increasing trend). your website becomes a valuable resource that ranks in organic search results!

Directory Listings Add-on

Take control of your brand by verifying your practice listings and profiles on over 150 business directories and review sites.

These include the most popular map listings, mobile apps, voice search tools, digital assistants, search engines, GPS systems, and/or social networks. (Examples of Directory Listings include Yelp, Yellow Pages, Healthgrades, Waze, Facebook, Apple and FourSquare.)

3rd Party entities compile directories to generate income from advertising and the sale of your information. Often, these companies create listings using information that is inaccurate or redundant.

We verify and manage these profiles on your behalf, submitting corrected and updated information. Get the most out of these platforms by reaching active users who are searching for dentists with Deploy Dental’s Directory Management,

Directory Management is ideal for new practices, practices that change locations, or simply for updating key office details (contact information, practice hours, etc.), to ensure patients can find and contact you!