Our Story

Deploy Dental was cofounded in 2011 by Dr. Richard Anderson, Steve Arnold, and Kyle Kazak. Initially conceived as a way to help dentists utilize Social Media engagement, Deploy soon developed into a full-service marketing agency to better meet the needs of our clients.

Deploy came to market in the midst of the most significant recession of our time. Patients were delaying treatment and were conservative with their dollars. Hygiene and Doctor cancellations were on the rise, and production was down significantly in many Practices across the country. As a result, there were layoffs and increasing underemployment among many Dental Teams throughout the states.

Deploy’s mission was simply to elevate Practices in the methods that conveyed value (for both needed and desired dental care). As a result, more Patients moved forward with Treatment. These directly impacted dentists and their teams, helping them to survive (and then thrive!) with value-based, integrated marketing solutions.

Today, we are a talented team of business professionals with 80 combined years of dental-specific experience in graphic design, content writing, reputation management, SEO, pay-per-click advertising, and practice consulting. We stand ready to help select dental practices that maximize their potential!

What We Do

At Deploy Dental, our expertise is taking care of all the intricacies of online marketing, so dentists can concentrate on clinical quality and the day-to-day business of working with patients. Let us become the only marketing agency you’ll ever need. You’ll soon begin to think of us as another trusted member of your team. Our goal is to maximize your exposure to potential patients in your local market in the most efficient manner possible. The results will speak for themselves: lower acquisition costs of the right new patients, growing your practice value, and taking home higher profits at the end of each year!

How We Do It

Your Marketing Specialists

Many of the most successful practices around the country refer to important cases to specialists such as oral surgeons or orthodontists. Similarly, many practice owners discover that they can significantly improve their results by partnering with dental-specific, digital marketing specialists.

Creating websites, managing pay per click campaigns, branding social media, and mastering your online reputation are game-changers when crafted correctly. Increasingly, experts in practice management and the business of dentistry agree that a dental-specific marketing company like Deploy Dental is much better suited to achieve long term, sustainable results. In a complex and detail-oriented field such as dentistry, this is accomplished through unique, custom marketing systems, communications and segmenting.

Deploy Dental is a team that offers over 80 years of dental-specific marketing experience, success, and proven national results. We analyze your local market, identify your competition, and discuss areas of competitive advantage and distinctive competency. This helps us customize and target the most effective promotions and campaigns. Deploy utilizes the latest strategies in Google Advertising pay per click, local search engine optimization (SEO), social media, and other methodologies to grow your patient base and profits.

When you enroll with Deploy Dental and begin to see the amazing results generated through our marketing solutions, we know you’ll be just as satisfied as the many dental practices that we’ve helped across the country.

With a complimentary consultation, we can quickly assess targeted activities and viable opportunities to customize comprehensive marketing solutions that help you quickly obtain the results you’re seeking.

Who We Serve

Startup dental practices

  • Dentists that are looking to purchase, elevate and promote an existing dental practice.
  • New practices that are starting from scratch, who are seeking a quicker, sustained approach to practice productivity and profits.

Single-location dental practices

  • Existing dental practices that are changing ownership or considering a change in practice name or brand/business name (DBA).
  • Existing dental practices that are moving their location or considering a change in facility or geography.
  • Existing dental practices that are adding new procedures, technology, team and/or clinicians.
  • Existing dental practices that are shifting focus toward or away from insurance networks.

Multi-location dental practices

  • Existing dental practices that have more than 1 location.
  • Existing dental practices looking to expand by opening a new location.
  • Existing dental practices with locations in multiple states.
  • Existing dental practices with locations that offer either insurance-based, fee-for-service or a combined approach to dentistry.
  • Existing dental practices that are adding specialty practices or new services to one or more facilities or geography.

Dental Service Organizations (DSOs)

  • DSOs with multiple existing practices under the same brand.
  • DSOs with multiple practices under different brands.
  • DSOs that are acquiring new practices.

Unparalleled Custom Service

Are you frustrated with companies that don’t quickly resolve your problems or answer questions? Are you tired of organizations that are not accessible? Do you hate the automated phone tree with no possibility to reach a live person?

Deploy Dental offers cutting-edge digital marketing solutions with responsive customer service that has an old-school, personal touch.

We pride ourselves on being ACCESSIBLE. You will enjoy same-day or next-day responses to all texts, emails and form submissions.

Most often, you’ll get a live person on the phone to quickly answer your question or resolve your issue. During our business hours, this routinely occurs without a transfer or hold time.