Pay Per Click

Deploy Marketing is a Google AdWords Certified Partner

Pay Per Click Advertising For Dentists

Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising allows for instant search engine exposure. Deploy Dental places your advertisements in premium spots on your choice of search engine and/or social network. The visitors are sent to a tracked landing page that allows for us to track and record phone calls and email leads generated by each individual Ad Group. Many pay per click management companies cater to a wide variety of industries, which prohibits them from developing extensive knowledge of a single industry. Since we are dental-specific, we have gained a vast understanding of how patients search for dentists online and leverage that to make your campaign profitable.

Keyword Selection

While listening to your specific needs, goals, and expectations, our pay per click experts will perform a detailed analysis of keyword phrases that your prospective clients will likely use. We send you a detailed questionnaire to determine what procedures or services you provide then we analyze your specific needs to come up with a sound keyword bundle.

Distribution Choices

At Deploy Dental we take advantage of the hottest advertising mediums available. We offer our clients a wide variety of partner sites to run your advertisements on. You can choose to have your search ads displayed on sites like Google, Yahoo, Bing, LinkedIn and Facebook.

Advertisement Creation

In a pay per click advertisement, you have limited space in which to convey your message and value proposition, so it is extremely important to be concise while using the correct phrases to inspire site visitors to click. Our pay per click experts can optimize the wording of your advertisements to improve conversions as trends are discovered. We will run multiple advertisements simultaneously in order to constantly improve your clickthrough rate and bottom line conversions.

Landing Pages

A landing page is different than a microsite and your regular website in many ways. A landing page is generally a single page that doesn’t allow visitors to navigate around and is specifically targeted for the keywords that you are advertising under. A microsite is generally a small website that is separate from your main website that allows visitors to navigate around but is used to track the visitor’s actions. Deploy Dental chooses to use landing pages rather than your existing website or a microsite because every option you give a visitor to stray away from your end goal (phone call or email) translates into fewer leads. Our landing pages are professionally designed to match your website and branding strategy.

Bid Optimization

We are proactive and are constantly improving Letting your campaign “coast on autopilot” is never a good idea because you can get a much greater possible value for your money by spending when competitive keywords fall in price and avoiding expensive spikes when they appear. In order to optimize your bids, we first observe what has already taken place within your account so we can find patterns and trends from historical statistics and analytics. We then take that data to build a sound keyword and ad predictions based off our extensive industry knowledge. Once we have our observations and predictions we use that to continually optimize your ads and keyword themes.

Ongoing Optimization

Our pay per click experts take advantage of seasonal trends by monitoring keyword volume and making the appropriate adjustments so that your ads are reaching the greatest number of people at the lowest possible price. We constantly make revisions and adjustments to improve your campaign’s conversions. If we determine that a landing page, keyword(s) or niche isn’t converting, we will work with you and your practice to retarget

Reporting & Analysis

We send you a detailed report during the first week of each month that includes a complete summary of your campaign’s performance including visitor trends, clicks, impressions and many other statistics that are relevant to your pay per click campaign.

Phone, Web & Email Support

We provide phone support, an online knowledge base which includes an online ticket system where your question or inquiry will be streamlined and resolved as soon as possible.

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