What We Do

At Deploy Dental, our expertise is taking on all the intricacies of online marketing for dental practices, so dentists can concentrate on the day-to-day business of working with patients. Let us become the only marketing agency you’ll ever need, and you’ll soon begin to think of us as another trusted member of your team. Our goal is to maximize exposure to potential patients in your local market in the most efficient manner possible.

How We Do It

Your Marketing Specialists

Just as most dental practices refer some cases to specialists such as oral surgeons or orthodontists, many discover that creating websites, managing pay per click campaigns, social media, etc., is just too much to do in-house. And while there are many companies offering to perform these services, you may find that dental specific experts like Deploy Dental are much better suited for the complicated and detail-oriented field of dentistry.

Deploy Dental is a team with the years of success and proven results you’re looking for. We analyze your local market, identify your competition, and discuss areas of strengths/weaknesses. This all helps us determine what potential deals or promotions may be in your best interest to offer, or what types of pay per click, local search engine optimization (SEO), social media, or other strategies are advisable.

When you signup with Deploy Dental and begin to see the amazing results generated through our marketing solutions, we know you’ll be just as satisfied as the many dental practices that we’ve helped across the country.

Who We Serve

Startup dental practices

  • Dentists that are looking to open or purchase an existing dental practice.
  • New practices that are looking to attract new patients.

Single-location dental practices

  • Existing dental practices that are thinking of or recently changed their business name (DBA).
  • Existing dental practices that are thinking about moving or have recently moved.

Multi-location dental practices

  • Existing dental practices that have more than 1 location.
  • Existing dental practices looking to expand or open a new location.
  • Existing dental practices with locations in multiple states.