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Local Maps Optimization for Dentists

Deploy Boost Local Search Engine Optimization for Dentists

What is Google Places?

Google Places is a local business directory that provides an informative layer of sentiment that appears within Google’s organic search results and on Google Maps. This information can be used to update their business listing so that it appears correctly within Google Maps and associated Google properties and search and Display Network sites.

What is Deploy Boost™?

Deploy Boost™ provides the claiming/creation, merging and optimization of your Google Places page. This allows you site to pair-up with your local map listing on Google. Appearing in the local search maps is more important than ever, especially since 97% of consumers search for local businesses online1.


Benefits of Deploy Boost™

Verified Business Information

We have you fill out an in-depth form about your practice so we can verify the information Google knows about your business is 100% correct and verified by one of our Internet marketing professionals.

Increased Search Engine Visibility

Although this isn’t a guaranteed benefit unless you are running a pay per click campaign too, but we can say that the majority of our clients experience an increase in both impressions and actions on their Google Places page.

Increased Site Traffic

With increased search engine visibility naturally comes the benefit of increased traffic to your website. We make sure to include your site’s address so when people see your listing they can immediately click to your website.

Exposure on Mobile Devices

Generally users who are on mobile devices perform searches using shorter keywords. It is important to identify these keywords so when someone searches on their mobile device they are exposed to your practice’s Places Page.


Google removed 3rd party reviews snippets from Google Places on July 25, 2011. Now only reviews left directly in Google will show with snippets. This means that review sites like Yelp, Demandforce, TripAdvisor, and others will no longer have their reviews prominently displayed in Google’s location-based listings. You will still be able to view them, just not within your physical Places page. Google now display’s a link to these other 3rd party sites, directly below the reviews that have been left by other Google users. Encouraging your patients to review you or your practice directly in Google is your best bet, especially if your goal is to have review snippets displayed on your Google Places page.

Reputation Management

Once you begin to accrue reviews on your Google Places page you then now you need to make sure that the sentiment being left about your business is accurate and honest. Many practices don’t worry about reputation management until there is negative sentiment about them online. The best form of reputation management is a proactive one. Encourage your patients to review their experience before they leave the office, chances are they won’t write something negative on the spot. If you are able to get 9, 5-star reviews and then a spammer comes by and leaves you a single, 1-star review it won’t effect your average rating as much as it would if it was your only review.

Photos & Videos

Help your practice stand out from the others by adding photographs and video to your Google Places page. When a user is searching you only have a limited amount of time to make your listing different from the others, photos and videos help accomplish this.



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