Email Support

Please do not contact us about email if you are not a client of Deploy Marketing, LLC. For our clients, the email support we provide is limited to providing the settings for our email servers and simple troubleshooting tips below. Beyond that, issues with sending and receiving should be referred to your IT vendor or staff as they are most likely related to an issue with your PC or network.

Problems Sending Or Receiving Email

The first thing to do if you are experiencing problems sending or receiving email is to CHECK YOUR EMAIL SETTINGS – MAC or PC. If the settings appear OK, REBOOT your computer. In many cases, this resolves the problem.

Another thing to check is your internet connection. If you’re having email problems, see if you can browse to your favorite website. If the web operates intermittently or slowly, you may consider calling your Internet Service Provider. If you are seeing some sort of error message, please copy and paste the error message into the “Message” section of our contact form, located on our contact page.

If you are still expierencing problems with your email, please send a support request to or use our contact form.

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