Allana Smiles Foundation Charity Event

Cancer Education and Resources for Patients, Dentists, and Donors

Come join Deploy Dental at the 2013 “Gitdown Hoedown Showdown”

Logo - The Allana Smiles FoundationIn support of the Allana Smiles Foundation, Deploy Dental would like to invite you to the first annual “Gitdown Hoedown Showdown,” which will be held Saturday Oct. 26th at the beautiful Butte Star Ranch in Sutter, California. Starting at 6:00 PM, enjoy an evening of live entertainment, dancing, food, drink, and plenty of fun to go around! Tickets are $45 ($40 with an early purchase discount) and benefit the Allana Smiles Foundation.

Allana Smiles is a public charity dedicated to providing patients and dentists with cancer access to information and resources that will minimize stress and encourage a positive experience for all parties.

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Scheduling Posts in Facebook

Facebook F LogoAre you still using third party applications like Hootsuite, Tweetdeck, etc. to schedule your Social Media posts?

Did you know that this ability is available to you, right through Facebook? Well don’t worry because even though this change was implemented last year, many people and small businesses still don’t know about it, and it continues to be one of the most underused features on Facebook.

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Social Media Trying to Challenge Google Ads

Icon - Social MediaSocial Media advertising has always been a source of much debate. In the past, ads on Facebook and Twitter have clearly been less effective (if at all) when compared to Google Search Ads. And really, there was no way they could be if you take a closer look at the two business models. As the dominant search engine, Google has the distinct advantage of being the go-to destination for anyone looking to buy, research, or compare products. And, since Facebook and Twitter users never expressed an interest via a search, these Social Media users were never very qualified as candidates to view ads.

Today, while there is little evidence that Google’s dominance will drastically change any time soon, there have been some recent developments that might signal improvement in Social Media ad performance.

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Evaluating “Facebook Home”

Facebook F LogoOn April 12th, Facebook officially released its new mobile app called Facebook Home, which at this time is only available for smart phones running the Android operating system. Additionally, Facebook actively promotes the HTC First as the phone that provides the best user experience, as it now comes pre loaded with Facebook Home.

The primary goal of this app is to place Facebook (as well as its subsidiary Instagram) at the center of a mobile device and make it the most easily accessed app for those users who value staying connected with their network above all else.
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Google+ Local New Category Feature

Icon - Google+In the latest update to their dashboard, Google has implemented business categories to be included on Google+ Local pages. Previously, these categories were only able to be managed through Google Places (which is being phased out), but this functionality is now all in one central location.

These categories are part of the algorithm that determines which listings are displayed within Google search results, so it is vitally important that business owners take the opportunity to differentiate themselves over competitors.
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